Welcome to Clement Daylily Gardens "The Cat's Meow Of Daylilies"
Winner of Region 2's 2015 Howard Hite Award for hybridizing excellence.

A weird year weatherwise, we didn't have a real spring or fall. Fortunately, the weather didn't effect most of the daylilies too badly, although hot weather the first half of the summer limited seed production. I was able to get quite a few of my seedlings and intros moved to my new location, but a lot of work remains so as to be able to finish moving everything this coming year. Thus, it is important to call if you wish to visit, since I may be at either my old or my new location on any given portion of the day.

Due to the need to work a full time non-daylily job, my seedlings don't get the culture that other growers provide their seedlings. Thus, I can be reasonably certain that my cultivars will perform at least as well as my listings indicate and I frequently receive reports from others that many of my cultivars have better branching and higher bud counts than I indicate.

Several of this year's intros rebloomed for the first time ever in 2018 and this fact is noted in the description. However, I didn't register them as reblooming given the lack of a prior track record.

Plants listed as very limited or limited on the price list are likely to be single fans, but otherwise I send double fans or better. PLEASE CHECK THE PDF PRICE LIST FOR CURRENT PRICING, since the prices stated on the individual picture/description pages of plants introduced more than a year ago reflect the original intro price and current prices are generally lower for nearly all cultivars other than the most recent intros.

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Please call us before visiting garden.

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