Welcome to Clement Daylily Gardens "The Cat's Meow Of Daylilies"
Winner of Region 2's 2015 Howard Hite Award for hybridizing excellence.

The future of Clement Gardens looks bright based on all of the exciting new seedlings that bloomed this past summer. However, the new kids on the block will need to perform at a high level over the next several years in order to merit introduction. This year we have 20 new introductions that have met that test. There are 13 narrow form diploids, 2 narrow formed tets, and 5 bagels that need to be blooming in your garden. Due to the need to work a full time non-daylily job, my seedlings don't get the culture that other growers provide their seedlings. Thus, I can be reasonably certain that my cultivars will perform at least as well as my listings indicate and I frequently receive reports from others that many of my cultivars have better branching and higher bud counts than I indicate. New introductions may be single fans, but I send double fans in most cases where my supply is sufficient. Owned and Operated by Bret Clement

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Clement Garden Seedling Video Show

Bret Clement, AHS members, zone 5
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